Why Choose Us for your San Diego Home Inspection?


We’re a Home Inspector + A trainer of Home Inspectors + A Registered Professional Engineer + An Expert Qualified Witness for Construction Defect Cases!

What’s that mean for you? What’s In it for you?

It means that you get the highest experience, education, expertise in California (& the USA) working on your property to make sure that You & Your family & Business Interests are Protected!

 Other Benefits (You may have not thought of):

  • We regularly “catch” mistakes that other inspectors miss!

  • It is not unusual for us to Save the Buyer tens of thousands of dollars to Millions of dollars in Liability in a property that The Buyer “could” have purchased.

  • There is a reason that the County Courts of San Diego, Orange & Los Angeles have qualified us as an Expert Witness in Construction Defect Cases.  Its Because we find things other Inspectors Miss!  We’re Here To Protect You!

  • Be careful of Inexperienced Home Inspectors, who are not Credentialed by Legitimate Organizations like ASHI.org or CREIA.org.  Don’t go with an inspector who has some “suspect” looking logo on their website or paid $500 for an online course, etc.  Do you really want to trust your $500,000 + Real Estate Transaction to a Rookie?

  • Does Your Home Inspector teach or get asked to teach the state’s top home inspectors these classes (click here)?

Facts About Bob Fennema:

Personally Performed over 8,000 real estate inspections

CREIA, “One of the 25 Most Influential People in CREIA’s First 25 years,” Sept. 2001

CREIA “Inspector of the Year”, 1998

CREIA “San Diego Inspector of the Year”, 1995

Registered Professional Engineer

California, RCE #37491 (1983)

Licensed General Building and Engineering Contractor

(A & B – California) #597109

Qualified as Expert Witness for various construction defect cases. Qualified as expert in Superior Courts of San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) on Home Inspections Advanced Techniques – Trains & Teaches other Home Inspectors aka “The Home Inspector’s Teacher”

Extensive experience consulting on administration of federal government construction contracts up to $15 Million, construction management matters, supervision of school construction projects; Federal government contracting officer (Level II Warrant)

California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) “Master Inspector” Award, 2005

California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) “Inspector Fellow” Award, 2002

CREIA, “John Daly Award” for Long Term Service, 2000

Criterium Engineers “Distinguished Service” Award, October, 1993